[GDNET] Graph Drawing: Steering Committee Elections

Prof. Dr. Franz J. Brandenburg brandenb at infosun.fim.uni-passau.de
Tue Oct 14 09:05:09 CEST 2014

dear Graph Drawers,

as you may know from the the business meeting, from 
www.graphdrawing.org  (and other sources),
the  membership of three elected and one nominated members of the 
steering committee of Graph Drawong
expires by the end of this year.

Ongoing members are (in aphabetical order)
Christian A. Duncan, Giuseppe di Battista, Emilio Di Giacomo, Anna 
Lubiw, Giuseppe Liotta,
Antonios Symvonis, Roberto Tamassia, Ioannis G. Tollis

We, the community of graph drawers, shall elect two members for the 
period (2015-2017),
and the steering committee will then appoint two more members for the 
same period.

The steering committee has asked me to serve an an election administrator.
I'l try to do my best (as three years ago).

There will be a two-stage procedure (which had a positive response three 
years ago)

Phase 1:  nomination of candidates  (Oct. 14 - Oct.31, 2014)
*Please nominate up to five candidates, *
                 and send me your list before Oct. 31, 2014 to 
brandenb at informatik.uni-passau.de

Thereafter, I'll immediately contact all nominees and ask for an ok to 
go for Phase 2.

Phase 2: voting (Nov. 1 - Nov. 21, 2014)
The nomination will include the top 10 candidates (by the number of 
namings from phase 1 and with their ok).
                You have two votes.
               and will be asked to send your votes before Nov. 21, 2014 
brandenb at informatik.uni-passau.de

The top two candidates are elected.
(ps. in 2011 there was a tie in the second rank).

Your nominations and votes are open to me and only to me.
I'll treat your nominations and votes confidentially.
If you have concerns about me assuming this role, please contact the
chairman of the steering committee, Giuseppe Liotta.

This call is send to all registered members of graphdrawing.og and 
and to the participants of GD 2014.
This is why you may receive multiple calls.
If you know of graph drawwers, who may not be on these lists, please 
feel free to forward this call.

After Phase two you wil find my report on graphdrawing.org and
at the business meeting of GD 2015.

best regards
Franz J Brandenburg

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